Version 1.0 alpha2


HotJava(tm) is a prototype of a World-Wide Web browser with the unique feature that it displays "executable content" written in the Java programming language. The primary goal of this alpha release is to provide some examples of executable content. We hope these demos help you to visualize the potential of truly dynamic Web browsing such as "live" information, interactive shopping, and intelligent agents.

This is an alpha release. We expect future releases will contain additional core functionality. We also anticipate that some of the programming interfaces may change. See HotJava Applet Compatibility for more information. We invite your feedback to help guide our future development. Send comments and bug reports to

As an alpha release, many future capabilities are not yet implemented. For example, while we've implemented the HTML specification, other Web browsers (such as Mosaic and Netscape) accept ill-formed HTML documents which HotJava may not yet understand. Also, some security features, most notably public-key encryption, are not implemented in this release. This is a Solaris/SPARC release. Ports to Windows and the Macintosh are underway and will be included in a subsequent release.

If you expect to make serious use of this technology, we urge you to contact us at so we can keep you informed of developments that may impact your work.

For additional information see the items in the HotJava Help menu and refer to the online Documentation.

Send your comments or questions to