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Class java.awt.event.ComponentAdapter


public abstract class ComponentAdapter
extends Object
implements ComponentListener
The adapter which receives component events. The methods in this class are empty; this class is provided as a convenience for easily creating listeners by extending this class and overriding only the methods of interest.

Constructor Index

 o ComponentAdapter()

Method Index

 o componentHidden(ComponentEvent)
 o componentMoved(ComponentEvent)
 o componentResized(ComponentEvent)
 o componentShown(ComponentEvent)


 o ComponentAdapter
 public ComponentAdapter()


 o componentResized
 public void componentResized(ComponentEvent e)
 o componentMoved
 public void componentMoved(ComponentEvent e)
 o componentShown
 public void componentShown(ComponentEvent e)
 o componentHidden
 public void componentHidden(ComponentEvent e)

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