Java Platform 1.2

Package java.awt.font

Provides classes and interface relating to fonts.


Interface Summary
MultipleMaster The MultipleMaster interface represents Type 1 Multiple Master fonts.
OpenType The OpenType interface represents OpenType and TrueType fonts.

Class Summary
FontRenderContext The FontRenderContext class is a container for the information needed to correctly measure text.
GlyphJustificationInfo The GlyphJustificationInfo class represents information about the justification properties of a glyph.
GlyphMetrics The GlyphMetrics class represents infomation for a single glyph.
GlyphVector A GlyphVector object is a collection of glyphs containing geometric information for the placement of each glyph in a transformed coordinate space which corresponds to the device on which the GlyphVector is ultimately displayed.
GraphicAttribute This class is used with the CHAR_REPLACEMENT attribute.
ImageGraphicAttribute The ImageGraphicAttribute class is an implementation of GraphicAttribute which draws images in a TextLayout.
LineBreakMeasurer The LineBreakMeasurer class allows styled text to be broken into lines (or segments) that fit within a particular visual advance.
ShapeGraphicAttribute The ShapeGraphicAttribute class is an implementation of GraphicAttribute that draws shapes in a TextLayout.
TextAttribute The TextAttribute class defines attribute keys and attribute values used for text rendering.
TextHitInfo The TextHitInfo class represents a character position in a text model, and a bias, or "side," of the character.
TextLayout TextLayout is an immutable graphical representation of styled character data.
TextLayout.CaretPolicy Defines a policy for determining the strong caret location.
TransformAttribute The TransformAttribute class provides an immutable wrapper for a transform so that it is safe to use as an attribute.

Package java.awt.font Description

Provides classes and interface relating to fonts. It contains support for representing Type 1, Type 1 Multiple Master fonts, OpenType fonts, and TrueType fonts.


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