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Class Character.Subset

Direct Known Subclasses:
Character.UnicodeBlock, InputSubset

public static class Character.Subset
extends Object

Instances of this class represent particular subsets of the Unicode character set. The only family of subsets defined in the Character class is UnicodeBlock. Other portions of the Java API may define other subsets for their own purposes.


Constructor Summary
protected Character.Subset(String name)
          Constructs a new Subset instance.
Method Summary
 boolean equals(Object obj)
          Compares two Subset objects for equality.
 int hashCode()
          Returns the standard hash code as defined by the Object.hashCode() method.
 String toString()
          Returns the name of this subset.
Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
clone, finalize, getClass, notify, notifyAll, wait, wait, wait

Constructor Detail


protected Character.Subset(String name)
Constructs a new Subset instance.
name - The name of this subset
Method Detail


public final boolean equals(Object obj)
Compares two Subset objects for equality. This method returns true if and only if x and y refer to the same object, and because it is final it guarantees this for all subclasses.
equals in class Object


public final int hashCode()
Returns the standard hash code as defined by the Object.hashCode() method. This method is final in order to ensure that the equals and hashCode methods will be consistent in all subclasses.
hashCode in class Object


public final String toString()
Returns the name of this subset.
toString in class Object

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