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Class PasswordAuthentication


public final class PasswordAuthentication
extends Object

The class PasswordAuthentication is a data holder that is used by Authenticator. It is simply a repository for a user name and a password.

See Also:
Authenticator, Authenticator.getPasswordAuthentication()

Constructor Summary
PasswordAuthentication(String userName, char[] password)
          Creates a new PasswordAuthentication object from the given user name and password.
Method Summary
 char[] getPassword()
          Returns the user password.
 String getUserName()
          Returns the user name.
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Constructor Detail


public PasswordAuthentication(String userName,
                              char[] password)
Creates a new PasswordAuthentication object from the given user name and password.

Note that the given user password is cloned before it is stored in the new PasswordAuthentication object.

userName - the user name
password - the user's password
Method Detail


public String getUserName()
Returns the user name.
the user name


public char[] getPassword()
Returns the user password.

Note that this method returns a reference to the password. It is the caller's responsibility to zero out the password information after it is no longer needed.

the password

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