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Interface RMIClientSocketFactory

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public abstract interface RMIClientSocketFactory

An RMIClientSocketFactory instance is used by the RMI runtime in order to obtain client sockets for RMI calls. A remote object can be associated with an RMIClientSocketFactory when it is created/exported via the constructors or exportObject methods of java.rmi.server.UnicastRemoteObject and java.rmi.activation.Activatable .

An RMIClientSocketFactory instance associated with a remote object will be downloaded to clients when the remote object's reference is transmitted in an RMI call. This RMIClientSocketFactory will be used to create connections to the remote object for remote method calls.

An RMIClientSocketFactory instance can also be associated with a remote object registry so that clients can use custom socket communication with a remote object registry.

See Also:
UnicastRemoteObject, Activatable, LocateRegistry

Method Summary
 Socket createSocket(String host, int port)
          Create a client socket connected to the specified host and port.

Method Detail


public Socket createSocket(String host,
                           int port)
                    throws IOException
Create a client socket connected to the specified host and port.
host - the host name
port - the port number
a socket connected to the specified host and port.
IOException - if an I/O error occurs during socket creation

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