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java.rmi.server Provides classes and interfaces for supporting the server side of RMI. 

Uses of Operation in java.rmi.server

Methods in java.rmi.server that return Operation
 Operation[] Skeleton.getOperations()
          Deprecated. no replacement

Methods in java.rmi.server with parameters of type Operation
 RemoteCall RemoteRef.newCall(RemoteObject obj, Operation[] op, int opnum, long hash)
          Deprecated. JDK1.2 style stubs no longer use this method. Instead of using a sequence of method calls on the stub's the remote reference (newCall, invoke, and done), a stub uses a single method, invoke(Remote, Method, Object[], int), on the remote reference to carry out parameter marshalling, remote method executing and unmarshalling of the return value.

JDK1.2 stubs are generated using rmic -v1.2. By default, rmic generates stubs compatible with JDK1.1 and JDK1.2. The compatible stubs can also be generated using rmic -vcompat.


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