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Interface Ref

public interface Ref

The mapping in the Java programming language of an SQL REF value, which is a reference to an SQL structured type value in the database.

SQL REF values are stored in a special table that contains instances of a referenceable SQL structured type, and each REF value is a unique identifier for one instance in that table. An SQL REF value may be used in place of the SQL structured type it references; it may be used as either a column value in a table or an attribute value in a structured type.

Because an SQL REF value is a logical pointer to an SQL structured type, a Ref object is by default also a logical pointer; thus, retrieving an SQL REF value as a Ref object does not materialize the attributes of the structured type on the client.

A Ref object can be saved to persistent storage and is dereferenced by passing it as a parameter to an SQL statement and executing the statement.

The Ref interface is new in the JDBC 2.0 API.

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Method Summary
 String getBaseTypeName()
          Retrieves the fully-qualified SQL name of the SQL structured type that this Ref object references.

Method Detail


public String getBaseTypeName()
                       throws SQLException
Retrieves the fully-qualified SQL name of the SQL structured type that this Ref object references.
the fully-qualified SQL name of the referenced SQL structured type
SQLException - if a database access error occurs
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