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Interface ControllerEventListener

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public interface ControllerEventListener
extends EventListener

The ControllerEventListener interface should be implemented by classes whose instances need to be notified when a Sequencer has processed a requested type of MIDI control-change event. To register a ControllerEventListener object to receive such notifications, invoke the addControllerEventListener method of Sequencer, specifying the types of MIDI controllers about which you are interested in getting control-change notifications.

See Also:
MidiChannel.controlChange(int, int)

Method Summary
 void controlChange(ShortMessage event)
          Invoked when a Sequencer has encountered and processed a control-change event of interest to this listener.

Method Detail


public void controlChange(ShortMessage event)
Invoked when a Sequencer has encountered and processed a control-change event of interest to this listener. The event passed in is a ShortMessage whose first data byte indicates the controller number and whose second data byte is the value to which the controller was set.
event - the control-change event that the sequencer encountered in the sequence it is processing
See Also:
Sequencer.addControllerEventListener(ControllerEventListener, int[]), MidiChannel.controlChange(int, int), ShortMessage.getData1(), ShortMessage.getData2()

JavaTM 2 Platform
Std. Ed. v1.3.1

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