JavaTM 2 Platform
Std. Ed. v1.3.1

Package javax.swing.plaf.multi

The multiplexing look and feel allows users to combine auxiliary look and feels with the default look and feel.


Class Summary
MultiButtonUI MultiButtonUI implementation
MultiColorChooserUI MultiColorChooserUI implementation
MultiComboBoxUI MultiComboBoxUI implementation
MultiDesktopIconUI MultiDesktopIconUI implementation
MultiDesktopPaneUI MultiDesktopPaneUI implementation
MultiFileChooserUI MultiFileChooserUI implementation
MultiInternalFrameUI MultiInternalFrameUI implementation
MultiLabelUI MultiLabelUI implementation
MultiListUI MultiListUI implementation
MultiLookAndFeel A Multiplexing UI Look and Feel that allows more than one UI to be associated with a component at the same time.
MultiMenuBarUI MultiMenuBarUI implementation
MultiMenuItemUI MultiMenuItemUI implementation
MultiOptionPaneUI MultiOptionPaneUI implementation
MultiPanelUI MultiPanelUI implementation
MultiPopupMenuUI MultiPopupMenuUI implementation
MultiProgressBarUI MultiProgressBarUI implementation
MultiScrollBarUI MultiScrollBarUI implementation
MultiScrollPaneUI MultiScrollPaneUI implementation
MultiSeparatorUI MultiSeparatorUI implementation
MultiSliderUI MultiSliderUI implementation
MultiSplitPaneUI MultiSplitPaneUI implementation
MultiTabbedPaneUI MultiTabbedPaneUI implementation
MultiTableHeaderUI MultiTableHeaderUI implementation
MultiTableUI MultiTableUI implementation
MultiTextUI MultiTextUI implementation
MultiToolBarUI MultiToolBarUI implementation
MultiToolTipUI MultiToolTipUI implementation
MultiTreeUI MultiTreeUI implementation
MultiViewportUI MultiViewportUI implementation

Package javax.swing.plaf.multi Description

The multiplexing look and feel allows users to combine auxiliary look and feels with the default look and feel. For example, a user could use an auxiliary audio look and feel in combination with the Motif look and feel. When a component instance asks for its UI, the Multiplexing Look and Feel returns a Multiplexing UI that handles all communications with both the auxiliary and the default look and feels. For example, JButton.getUI may get an instance of MultiButtonUI, which would handle both a MotifButtonUI and an AudioButtonUI.


JavaTM 2 Platform
Std. Ed. v1.3.1

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