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Packages that use ICC_Profile
java.awt.color Provides classes for color spaces. 
java.awt.image Provides classes for creating and modifying images. 

Uses of ICC_Profile in java.awt.color

Subclasses of ICC_Profile in java.awt.color
 class ICC_ProfileGray
          A subclass of the ICC_Profile class which represents profiles which meet the following criteria: the color space type of the profile is TYPE_GRAY and the profile includes the grayTRCTag and mediaWhitePointTag tags.
 class ICC_ProfileRGB
          The ICC_ProfileRGB class is a subclass of the ICC_Profile class that represents profiles which meet the following criteria: The profile's color space type is RGB. The profile includes the redColorantTag, greenColorantTag, blueColorantTag, redTRCTag, greenTRCTag, blueTRCTag, and mediaWhitePointTag tags. The ICC_Profile getInstance method will return an ICC_ProfileRGB object when these conditions are met.

Methods in java.awt.color that return ICC_Profile
static ICC_Profile ICC_Profile.getInstance(byte[] data)
          Constructs an ICC_Profile object corresponding to the data in a byte array.
static ICC_Profile ICC_Profile.getInstance(int cspace)
          Constructs an ICC_Profile corresponding to one of the specific color spaces defined by the ColorSpace class (for example CS_sRGB).
static ICC_Profile ICC_Profile.getInstance(String fileName)
          Constructs an ICC_Profile corresponding to the data in a file.
static ICC_Profile ICC_Profile.getInstance(InputStream s)
          Constructs an ICC_Profile corresponding to the data in an InputStream.
 ICC_Profile ICC_ColorSpace.getProfile()
          Returns the ICC_Profile for this ICC_ColorSpace.

Constructors in java.awt.color with parameters of type ICC_Profile
ICC_ColorSpace(ICC_Profile profile)
          Constructs a new ICC_ColorSpace from an ICC_Profile object.

Uses of ICC_Profile in java.awt.image

Methods in java.awt.image that return ICC_Profile
 ICC_Profile[] ColorConvertOp.getICC_Profiles()
          Returns the array of ICC_Profiles used to construct this ColorConvertOp.

Constructors in java.awt.image with parameters of type ICC_Profile
ColorConvertOp(ICC_Profile[] profiles, RenderingHints hints)
          Constructs a new ColorConvertOp from an array of ICC_Profiles.

JavaTM 2 Platform
Std. Ed. v1.4.2

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