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java.awt.font Provides classes and interface relating to fonts. 

Uses of TextAttribute in java.awt.font

Fields in java.awt.font declared as TextAttribute
static TextAttribute TextAttribute.FAMILY
          Attribute key for the unlocalized font family name.
static TextAttribute TextAttribute.WEIGHT
          Attribute key for the weight of a font.
static TextAttribute TextAttribute.WIDTH
          Attribute key for the width of a font.
static TextAttribute TextAttribute.POSTURE
          Attribute key for the posture of a font.
static TextAttribute TextAttribute.SIZE
          Attribute key for the font size.
static TextAttribute TextAttribute.TRANSFORM
          Attribute key for the transform of a font.
static TextAttribute TextAttribute.SUPERSCRIPT
          Attribute key for super and subscripting.
static TextAttribute TextAttribute.FONT
          Attribute key for the font to use to render text.
static TextAttribute TextAttribute.CHAR_REPLACEMENT
          Attribute key for a user_defined glyph to display in the text in lieu of a character.
static TextAttribute TextAttribute.FOREGROUND
          Attribute key for the foreground paint adornment.
static TextAttribute TextAttribute.BACKGROUND
          Attribute key for the background Paint adornment.
static TextAttribute TextAttribute.UNDERLINE
          Attribute key for underline adornments.
static TextAttribute TextAttribute.STRIKETHROUGH
          Attribute key for the strikethrough adornment.
static TextAttribute TextAttribute.RUN_DIRECTION
          Attribute key for the run direction of the line.
static TextAttribute TextAttribute.BIDI_EMBEDDING
          Attribute key for the embedding level for nested bidirectional runs.
static TextAttribute TextAttribute.JUSTIFICATION
          Attribute key for the justification of a paragraph.
static TextAttribute TextAttribute.INPUT_METHOD_HIGHLIGHT
          Attribute key for input method highlight styles.
static TextAttribute TextAttribute.INPUT_METHOD_UNDERLINE
          Attribute key for input method underline adornments.
static TextAttribute TextAttribute.SWAP_COLORS
          Attribute key for swapping foreground and background Paints (or Colors).
static TextAttribute TextAttribute.NUMERIC_SHAPING
          Attribute key for converting ASCII decimal digits to other decimal ranges.

JavaTM 2 Platform
Std. Ed. v1.4.2

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