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Uses of Interface

Packages that use ImageProducer
java.awt Contains all of the classes for creating user interfaces and for painting graphics and images. 
java.awt.image Provides classes for creating and modifying images. 
java.awt.image.renderable Provides classes and interfaces for producing rendering-independent images. 

Uses of ImageProducer in java.awt

Methods in java.awt that return ImageProducer
abstract  ImageProducer Image.getSource()
          Gets the object that produces the pixels for the image.

Methods in java.awt with parameters of type ImageProducer
abstract  Image Toolkit.createImage(ImageProducer producer)
          Creates an image with the specified image producer.
 Image Component.createImage(ImageProducer producer)
          Creates an image from the specified image producer.

Uses of ImageProducer in java.awt.image

Classes in java.awt.image that implement ImageProducer
 class FilteredImageSource
          This class is an implementation of the ImageProducer interface which takes an existing image and a filter object and uses them to produce image data for a new filtered version of the original image.
 class MemoryImageSource
          This class is an implementation of the ImageProducer interface which uses an array to produce pixel values for an Image.

Methods in java.awt.image that return ImageProducer
 ImageProducer BufferedImage.getSource()
          Returns the object that produces the pixels for the image.
 ImageProducer VolatileImage.getSource()
          This returns an ImageProducer for this VolatileImage.

Methods in java.awt.image with parameters of type ImageProducer
 void ImageFilter.resendTopDownLeftRight(ImageProducer ip)
          Responds to a request for a TopDownLeftRight (TDLR) ordered resend of the pixel data from an ImageConsumer.

Constructors in java.awt.image with parameters of type ImageProducer
PixelGrabber(ImageProducer ip, int x, int y, int w, int h, int[] pix, int off, int scansize)
          Create a PixelGrabber object to grab the (x, y, w, h) rectangular section of pixels from the image produced by the specified ImageProducer into the given array.
FilteredImageSource(ImageProducer orig, ImageFilter imgf)
          Constructs an ImageProducer object from an existing ImageProducer and a filter object.

Uses of ImageProducer in java.awt.image.renderable

Classes in java.awt.image.renderable that implement ImageProducer
 class RenderableImageProducer
          An adapter class that implements ImageProducer to allow the asynchronous production of a RenderableImage.

JavaTM 2 Platform
Std. Ed. v1.4.2

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