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java.beans Contains classes related to developing beans -- components based on the JavaBeansTM architecture. 

Uses of Expression in java.beans

Methods in java.beans that return Expression
protected  Expression DefaultPersistenceDelegate.instantiate(Object oldInstance, Encoder out)
          This default implementation of the instantiate method returns an expression containing the predefined method name "new" which denotes a call to a constructor with the arguments as specified in the DefaultPersistenceDelegate's constructor.
protected abstract  Expression PersistenceDelegate.instantiate(Object oldInstance, Encoder out)
          Returns an expression whose value is oldInstance.

Methods in java.beans with parameters of type Expression
 void XMLEncoder.writeExpression(Expression oldExp)
          Records the Expression so that the Encoder will produce the actual output when the stream is flushed.
 void Encoder.writeExpression(Expression oldExp)
          The implementation first checks to see if an expression with this value has already been written.

JavaTM 2 Platform
Std. Ed. v1.4.2

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