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java.nio Defines buffers, which are containers for data, and provides an overview of the other NIO packages. A package of the Java Image I/O API dealing with low-level I/O from files and streams. 

Uses of ByteOrder in java.nio

Fields in java.nio declared as ByteOrder
static ByteOrder ByteOrder.BIG_ENDIAN
          Constant denoting big-endian byte order.
static ByteOrder ByteOrder.LITTLE_ENDIAN
          Constant denoting little-endian byte order.

Methods in java.nio that return ByteOrder
abstract  ByteOrder DoubleBuffer.order()
          Retrieves this buffer's byte order.
abstract  ByteOrder FloatBuffer.order()
          Retrieves this buffer's byte order.
abstract  ByteOrder LongBuffer.order()
          Retrieves this buffer's byte order.
abstract  ByteOrder IntBuffer.order()
          Retrieves this buffer's byte order.
abstract  ByteOrder ShortBuffer.order()
          Retrieves this buffer's byte order.
static ByteOrder ByteOrder.nativeOrder()
          Retrieves the native byte order of the underlying platform.
abstract  ByteOrder CharBuffer.order()
          Retrieves this buffer's byte order.
 ByteOrder ByteBuffer.order()
          Retrieves this buffer's byte order.

Methods in java.nio with parameters of type ByteOrder
 ByteBuffer ByteBuffer.order(ByteOrder bo)
          Modifies this buffer's byte order.

Uses of ByteOrder in

Fields in declared as ByteOrder
protected  ByteOrder ImageInputStreamImpl.byteOrder
          The byte order of the stream as an instance of the enumeration class java.nio.ByteOrder, where ByteOrder.BIG_ENDIAN indicates network byte order and ByteOrder.LITTLE_ENDIAN indicates the reverse order.

Methods in that return ByteOrder
 ByteOrder ImageInputStreamImpl.getByteOrder()
 ByteOrder ImageInputStream.getByteOrder()
          Returns the byte order with which data values will be read from this stream as an instance of the java.nio.ByteOrder enumeration.

Methods in with parameters of type ByteOrder
 void ImageInputStreamImpl.setByteOrder(ByteOrder byteOrder)
 void ImageInputStream.setByteOrder(ByteOrder byteOrder)
          Sets the desired byte order for future reads of data values from this stream.

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