JavaTM 2 Platform
Std. Ed. v1.4.2

Package javax.imageio

The main package of the Java Image I/O API.


Interface Summary
IIOParamController An interface to be implemented by objects that can determine the settings of an IIOParam object, either by putting up a GUI to obtain values from a user, or by other means.
ImageTranscoder An interface providing metadata transcoding capability.

Class Summary
IIOImage A simple container class to aggregate an image, a set of thumbnail (preview) images, and an object representing metadata associated with the image.
IIOParam A superclass of all classes describing how streams should be decoded or encoded.
ImageIO A class containing static convenience methods for locating ImageReaders and ImageWriters, and performing simple encoding and decoding.
ImageReader An abstract superclass for parsing and decoding of images.
ImageReadParam A class describing how a stream is to be decoded.
ImageTypeSpecifier A class that allows the format of an image (in particular, its SampleModel and ColorModel) to be specified in a convenient manner.
ImageWriteParam A class describing how a stream is to be encoded.
ImageWriter An abstract superclass for encoding and writing images.

Exception Summary
IIOException An exception class used for signaling run-time failure of reading and writing operations.

Package javax.imageio Description

The main package of the Java Image I/O API.

Many common image I/O operations may be performed using the static methods of the ImageIO class.

This package contains the basic classes and interfaces for describing the contents of image files, including metadata and thumbnails (IIOImage); for controlling the image reading process (ImageReader, ImageReadParam, and ImageTypeSpecifier) and image writing process (ImageWriter and ImageWriteParam); for performing transcoding between formats (ImageTranscoder), and for reporting errors (IIOException).


JavaTM 2 Platform
Std. Ed. v1.4.2

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