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javax.rmi.CORBA Contains portability APIs for RMI-IIOP. Contains RMI-IIOP Stubs for the Remote types that occur in the java.rmi package. 

Uses of Stub in javax.rmi.CORBA

Methods in javax.rmi.CORBA with parameters of type Stub
 boolean UtilDelegate.isLocal(Stub stub)
          Delegation call for Util.isLocal(javax.rmi.CORBA.Stub).
static boolean Util.isLocal(Stub stub)
          The isLocal method has the same semantics as the ObjectImpl._is_local method, except that it can throw a RemoteException.
 int StubDelegate.hashCode(Stub self)
          Delegation call for hashCode().
 boolean StubDelegate.equals(Stub self, Object obj)
          Delegation call for equals(java.lang.Object).
 String StubDelegate.toString(Stub self)
          Delegation call for toString().
 void StubDelegate.connect(Stub self, ORB orb)
          Delegation call for connect(org.omg.CORBA.ORB).
 void StubDelegate.readObject(Stub self, ObjectInputStream s)
          Delegation call for Stub.readObject(
 void StubDelegate.writeObject(Stub self, ObjectOutputStream s)
          Delegation call for Stub.writeObject(

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Subclasses of Stub in
 class _Remote_Stub
          This class provides the Stub for the Remote Type.

JavaTM 2 Platform
Std. Ed. v1.4.2

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