JavaTM 2 Platform
Std. Ed. v1.4.2

Interface IDLEntity

All Superinterfaces:
All Known Subinterfaces:
AdapterActivator, BindingIterator, ClientRequestInfo, ClientRequestInterceptor, Codec, CodecFactory, Current, Current, Current, CustomValue, DataInputStream, DataOutputStream, DomainManager, DynAny, DynAnyFactory, DynArray, DynEnum, DynFixed, DynSequence, DynStruct, DynUnion, DynValue, DynValueBox, DynValueCommon, IdAssignmentPolicy, IDLType, IdUniquenessPolicy, ImplicitActivationPolicy, Interceptor, IORInfo, IORInterceptor, IRObject, LifespanPolicy, NamingContext, NamingContextExt, ORBInitializer, ORBInitInfo, POA, POAManager, Policy, PolicyFactory, RequestInfo, RequestProcessingPolicy, RunTime, ServantActivator, ServantLocator, ServantManager, ServantRetentionPolicy, ServerRequestInfo, ServerRequestInterceptor, StreamableValue, ThreadPolicy, ValueBase
All Known Implementing Classes:
_BindingIteratorImplBase, _BindingIteratorStub, _DynAnyFactoryStub, _DynAnyStub, _DynArrayStub, _DynEnumStub, _DynFixedStub, _DynSequenceStub, _DynStructStub, _DynUnionStub, _DynValueStub, _IDLTypeStub, _NamingContextExtStub, _NamingContextImplBase, _NamingContextStub, _PolicyStub, _ServantActivatorStub, _ServantLocatorStub, Any, Binding, BindingType, CompletionStatus, DefinitionKind, Encoding, IdAssignmentPolicyValue, IdUniquenessPolicyValue, ImplicitActivationPolicyValue, IOR, LifespanPolicyValue, NameComponent, NameDynAnyPair, NameValuePair, NameValuePair, NotFoundReason, Parameter, ParameterMode, RequestProcessingPolicyValue, ServantRetentionPolicyValue, ServiceContext, ServiceDetail, ServiceInformation, SetOverrideType, State, StructMember, TaggedComponent, TaggedProfile, ThreadPolicyValue, TypeCode, UnionMember, UserException, ValueMember

public interface IDLEntity
extends Serializable

An interface with no members whose only purpose is to serve as a marker indicating that an implementing class is a Java value type from IDL that has a corresponding Helper class. RMI IIOP serialization looks for such a marker to perform marshalling/unmarshalling.

JavaTM 2 Platform
Std. Ed. v1.4.2

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