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Packages that use ImageReadParam
javax.imageio The main package of the Java Image I/O API. 
javax.imageio.plugins.jpeg Classes supporting the built-in JPEG plug-in. 

Uses of ImageReadParam in javax.imageio

Methods in javax.imageio that return ImageReadParam
 ImageReadParam ImageReader.getDefaultReadParam()
          Returns a default ImageReadParam object appropriate for this format.

Methods in javax.imageio with parameters of type ImageReadParam
abstract  BufferedImage imageIndex, ImageReadParam param)
          Reads the image indexed by imageIndex and returns it as a complete BufferedImage, using a supplied ImageReadParam.
 IIOImage ImageReader.readAll(int imageIndex, ImageReadParam param)
          Reads the image indexed by imageIndex and returns an IIOImage containing the image, thumbnails, and associated image metadata, using a supplied ImageReadParam.
 Raster ImageReader.readRaster(int imageIndex, ImageReadParam param)
          Returns a new Raster object containing the raw pixel data from the image stream, without any color conversion applied.
 RenderedImage ImageReader.readAsRenderedImage(int imageIndex, ImageReadParam param)
          Returns a RenderedImage object that contains the contents of the image indexed by imageIndex.
protected static Rectangle ImageReader.getSourceRegion(ImageReadParam param, int srcWidth, int srcHeight)
          A utility method that may be used by readers to compute the region of the source image that should be read, taking into account any source region and subsampling offset settings in the supplied ImageReadParam.
protected static void ImageReader.computeRegions(ImageReadParam param, int srcWidth, int srcHeight, BufferedImage image, Rectangle srcRegion, Rectangle destRegion)
          Computes the source region of interest and the destination region of interest, taking the width and height of the source image, an optional destination image, and an optional ImageReadParam into account.
protected static void ImageReader.checkReadParamBandSettings(ImageReadParam param, int numSrcBands, int numDstBands)
          A utility method that may be used by readers to test the validity of the source and destination band settings of an ImageReadParam.
protected static BufferedImage ImageReader.getDestination(ImageReadParam param, Iterator imageTypes, int width, int height)
          Returns the BufferedImage to which decoded pixel data should be written.

Uses of ImageReadParam in javax.imageio.plugins.jpeg

Subclasses of ImageReadParam in javax.imageio.plugins.jpeg
 class JPEGImageReadParam
          This class adds the ability to set JPEG quantization and Huffman tables when using the built-in JPEG reader plug-in.

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Std. Ed. v1.4.2

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